Organoleptic Profile of Olixir

Fruity Green: 5 Bitter: 4 Spicy: 4 Sweet: 2 Green Grass and Leaf: 3 Tomato: 4

Organoleptic Profile of Olixir Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Variedad: 100% Hojiblanca

Oils obtained from the fruit of the olive tree exclusively through mechanical or other physical means under conditions that do not cause any alteration in the oil, which have not been treated other than by washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration, excluding those oils obtained by solvents, through assistance from chemical or biochemical actions or by a re-esterification process, or any mixture with any other kind of oils.

Fruity Green: 6
Bitter: 4.5
Spicy: 5.4
Sweet: 2
Green Grass: 2.9
Green Leaf: 3.3
Almond: 2.2

Tasting Notes
Olive oil intensely fruity, with hints of green mainly. In perfect balance, we could define the palate, with total harmony between sweet, sour and spicy.
The palate entry is sweet, almond green and pleasant bitter end itching medium to high intensity.