We use tracking as a mechanism for monitoring and knowledge of the history of our oil from the olives to the table. Our traceability system identifies providers, and even packaging materials involved in the process In terms of quality, traceability is one of the most important tools.

We ask our suppliers first to provide a comprehensive physical and chemical analysis of the olive oil.

We ensure that our tasting panel sample rate in the highest level of organoleptic quality with zero defects.

In the time before packaging the product, oil is again sent to an independent official laboratory that ensures the maintenance of the characteristics we desire in our product. Our aim is, to get again, a packed ZERO defects.

The result is always the same. Our quality control ensures we provide the best physical, chemical and organoleptic result.

Our quality department ensures that all processes comply with current regulations and that the result is a high quality product produced according to the Spanish legislation.