Olixir Company Profile

Olixir is a brand of Olivexa company, Olixir is an independent and modern project that was born in South of Spain, where we have most awarded olive oil in the world

Olixir´s main activity is to select the best olive oil harvest, package the olive oil for marketing, using best design packaging, among other activities and services.

Olixir will be driven to constantly improve the quality of the product from conception to customer in order to honor the land, the environment and its people.

We select Extra virgin Olive Oil in Spain from the best harvest, we choose only landowners and olive oil mills that follow our quality standard, where olives are collected from the air, without touch ground, this makes olive oil have lower acidity, (no more than 0.1 approx.), we choose first press and early harvest from end of October, etc. In Extra Virgin Olive Oil production is very important to choose the right collecting times and storage properly before olives are pressed, all this details are important and we verify all details to be sure that our olive oil will reach high rates of fruity.